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it was the great dane, ron dane and it was the wisconsin badgers running for it all. that was in 1999. back to you guys in studio. i'm going to get dry. have a good day, everybody. >> thank you. good luck because we have been talking about this morning another big storm on the way. we will keep an eye on it and tracking all of the rain and wind and take a look at it so people may see flooding on the roadways coming up next. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- you can stay in and share something... ♪ ♪ ...or you can get out there with your friends and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. democrats and republicans >>> tomorrow on eyewitness news this morning, what may be a political game of chicken on capitol hill. democrats and republicans sparring over a middle class tax cuts and that so-called fiscal cliff. our political insider on why things are looking up for the president. >> it appears as if he is playing the hand where the cards are being revealed. it's al
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1